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Mimi Authentic - Maasai Doll

Mimi Authentic - Maasai Doll


Hi, my name is Mimi Naisiae and I'm from the famous Maasai tribe from Kenya and Tanzania. We speak the Maa language. My name means ‘hardworking and industrious’. Being a girl in my community comes with a lot of responsibility, which is why like my name, I am hard working and industrious!


I am a large doll. I am 46cm (18 inches) from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I am suitable for children aged 3+ years

Mimi Naisiae comes dressed in the red Maasai colour. Her ankle length dress is made of an inner and outer wrap in either plain red or checkered red material. She also wears a beaded head strap and a beaded necklace. The beading is handmade in Kenya just for you! Mimi Naisiae is a large doll. She is 46cm long and weighs 0.708kg.

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