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Nana Makeba

Nana Makeba


Hi, my name is Nana Makeba. I am named after the great African singer called Miriam Makeba from South Africa. Her nickname was ‘Mama Africa’ because of her soulful voice, which she used to fight for her rights in South Africa. Just like Mama Africa, I too am beautiful, soulful and confident. I love to sing, dance and make everyone happy. I am an entertainer!


My height is 30cm (12 inches) from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.

Suitable for children aged 3+ years

The Nana Makeba dolls come dressed in a multi-coloured African print strapless blouse, matching African print trousers and shoes. The Nana Dolls are our smallest dolls at Kunaka Kids; they resemble Barbie in shape and size.

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