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Sugar Plum - Toeshoe Trouble

Sugar Plum - Toeshoe Trouble


The Sugar Plum Ballerina series follows the lives of black ballerina girls, as told by Whoopi Goldberg.


In Toeshoe Trouble, Brenda Black prides herself on her logical and orderly mind. She studies anatomy books to get a twelve-year head start on medical school, and idolizes genius Leonardo da Vinci. But things go haywire when her spoiled cousin Tiffany comes to visit. At first Brenda tries to ignore Tiffany's constant bragging. But when Tiffany implies that Brenda is not cultured enough to know who Miss Camilla Freeman is (Miss Camilla Freeman, the very famous prima ballerina) Brenda snaps. She tells Tiffany that not only does she know who Camilla Freeman is, but she happens to own an autographed pair of her toeshoes. The only problem? The shoes do NOT belong to Miss Camilla Freeman.....


This is the 2nd book in the 6-book Sugar Plum Ballerina series. 

  • Author: Whoopi Goldberg & Nacy Cato
  • Illustrator: Maryn Roos
  • Language: English
  • Package Dimensions: 19 x 12.7 x 1.5 cm
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