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Zuree Talking Dolls - Jamaican

Zuree Talking Dolls - Jamaican


Hi, my name is Toya and I am from Jamaica. I speak Patois, known locally in Jamaica as ‘Patwa’. Press me and hear me talk. I am the only talking Jamaican doll in the UK. I come in a beautiful pink bag.

You can hear what i sound like HERE


My height is 46 cm (18 inches). Suitable for children aged 3+ years

Toya comes dressed in a short dress in the Jamaican colours green and yellow. She wears yellow strappy shoes. The clothes are easy to manage as they have velcro. Her hair is easy to style. She can stand on her own and her eyes close when she is lying down. She comes in a multipurpose pink bag. She is a large doll at 46cm in length and weighs 0.718kg (outside the box).

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